Past-Life Regression Therapy

I am a certified specialist through both the American Hypnosis Association and with Dolores Cannon QHHT. I have completed over 45 hours of past-life regressions with clients with excellent results over Zoom making it a comfortable experience for you in the comfort of your own home. 

Even if you are not sure you believe in past-lives, I can show you how this modality can be a very effective therapeutic tool for releasing stuck emotions and providing clarity regarding future goals and better understanding and support in your life. 

This modality has been used by hundreds of hypnotherapists around the world and many examples can be viewed on YouTube. I highly recommend watching Alba Weinman's videos if past-life regression is a new concept to you and you want to learn more or you can book a 30-min free consult with me to learn more about this very powerful and unique experience.