About Chanda Christine

Chanda Christine has a Master's degree in Educational Leadership, but after teaching at the high school level for 17 years, she decided her path in life was leading her elsewhere. She has a Reiki Master Level Attunement, a Life Coach Certification, and she is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and she is working on her Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology.

She has continued her education with 75+ post-graduate hours in psychology and counseling. She is an avid reader, especially in topics involving religion, spirituality, metaphysics, positive psychology, mindfulness, and hypnosis. Her favorite fiction genre is fantasy fiction with a little adventure romance thrown in. She will complete her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in December of 2023.

Recently, Chanda Christine moved from Fort Worth, TX and now lives in Hot Springs Village, AR with her husband and two dogs. She has five children, two sons-in-law, a grandson, and a granddaughter.

Her favorite places to vacation are in the woods or mountains. Most people like sun and beaches, but she'd rather be in a screened-in porch with the rain slowly dripping off the trees while curled up in a comfy swing with a good book and her wonderful husband close by. Occasionally, she can be found on the golf course working on her swing.

She's intrigued by the concept of past lives and all things life-after death. She believes we live forever as spirit energy and that our true home is in the spiritual world. Our lives here on Earth are "just a bad camping trip" (as quoted by Sylvia Browne). She has discovered her past-lives include a Tantric Priestess, Aboriginal Shaman, Native American medicine woman, and a mundane life as a baker in Italy in the late 1700's and many more. She has even discovered that her higher self is none other than Archangel Christine as discussed in Claire Stone's book The Female Archangels: Reclaim Your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Devine Feminine or also known as Archeia Clarity as described in Calista's book The Female Archangels: Evolutionary Teachings to Heal and Empower Your Life both published in 2020. All of this and how she discovered it, will be discussed in her upcoming book, Developing Your Spiritual Power.